The Haiku Financial Plan

While I can’t say that learning poetry in English classes over the years did a lot for me… e.g., I’ve yet to find a use of iambic pentameter in my daily life… Haiku is a different story.

Haiku might be useful for conveying emotion and deep meaning, but I’ve always found the 5-7-5 syllable limit poems useful for cutting fluff, getting to the point, and perhaps a bit of levity.

The financial planning industry is always twisting itself in knots about the right size and format of a financial plan. I believe I have the answer. Read on to understand how to transform your financial life, 17 syllables at a time!



Constant need for things

Enough always out of reach

Probably stay poor


Misread Rich Dad Book

Compounding going wrong way

Eat cat food later


Plastic makes us spend

Card company knows it’s true

Points, perks can be trap


Self-insured is goal

Buy cheap Term, but don’t be cheap

Beware salesman!


Schedule your money

Not what you make… what you keep!

Having choices rocks

Roth maximization

Without crystal ball

Future taxes can’t be known

Roth is the best hedge

TSP Match

Always get the match

Peanut butter spread all year

Increase percent soon

Risk while young

Invest for decades

Compounding is the magic

Stocks have done the best


Passive index best

You get what you don’t pay for

Suppress cost and tax

Investing 2

Buy low and sell high

Or buy now and sell never

Don’t sit on sideline

Sound real estate maneuvers

Passive income farce

Tenant drama and workload

Tax perks have glitches

Finance as a couple

“And now, You are One…”

Money fights eat marriages

Spend, save together


Taxes (state, MSRRA, mil benefits/deployments)

Mil years lowest tax

Tax law written in pencil

Revisit each year


Patriotic job?

Complexity grows with wealth

No tip for tax man!


A Will is a must

Take care of your family

Or the State will not


Trust is Will on Roids

Meter flow to teenagers

Probate is the worst!

College funding

College costs soaring

Transfer GI Bill ASAP

Start 529 now

Financial advice

Skip sales culture

Fee-only is the least-worst

If insurance… run!

Financial education

Caveat Emptor

Basic level is needed

Books beat internet


PCS blocks goals

Setting direction works too

Wealth brings future choice


Vanity metric

Mind credit but don’t chase it

Beware ID fraud

Emergency Fund

E-fund insurance

Job loss, black swans, can happen

Why risk family?

Teaching Kids to Money

Allowance not best

Teach kids to work for money

Learn its value young

Cleared to Rejoin

I’ll admit that there could be a little more to financial planning than one can fit in short-form poetry, but the basics are all there! If you fancy yourself a money-nerd-poet, please feel free to add to this compendium of Haiku financial wisdom!

Fight’s On!

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