Comprehensive Financial Planning Built For You

Here’s what it looks like to comprehensively plan with us:

  1. Complimentary Introductory Meeting / call / video call. Typically, about 60 minutes to start understanding your needs and to determine if we are a good fit to help you.
  2. Ask for a Proposal. If you’d like to work together, we’ll give you a proposal and fee quote base Save d on your situation and desired services.
  3. Gather Your Data. We’ll commence gathering your financial information for initial analysis.
  4. Meet Approximately Monthly depending on your preferred cadence, until we’ve built your initial financial plan.
  5. Transition to our Annual Service Calendar to keep your planning aligned with your needs and changing opportunities and regulations.

* Please note that we do not require that you allow Winged Wealth to manage your investments.  Many clients prefer to “keep their hands on the throttle and stick” rather than delegate investment management.  Winged Wealth understands and is ready to assist.

See our Hourly Rate service.

Comprehensive Financial Planning for military personnel and veterans.
Winged Wealth Financial Planning Flight Plan

Our firm works with portfolios of all sizes. We charge a minimum fee of $5,000 per year, or $416.67 per month. Regardless of account size, our fees cap out at $16,000.

Fees are based on complexity and include investment management. Your proposed fee structure will include details about billing options.

$2,500 One-time onboarding fee upon completion of service agreement.

Want to know more? Contact us or schedule a complimentary introductory call.